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PhDBiotechnology EN

Tuition fee €2,500.00 per semester
Application fee €20.00 one-time

For participants outside the EU/EFTA studying on terms applicable to foreigners.

Note 1: Citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, i.e. the countries of former USSR, are permitted to apply for Polish Card (the Card of the Pole), which entitles its holders to choose whether they wish to study on the terms applicable to Polish nationals (no tuition fees for full-time studies) or those applicable to foreigners (tuition fees applicable). If you choose terms applicable to Polish nationals, to become an applicant please visit Dream Apply platform is used for non-EU/EFTA citizens studying on terms applicable to foreigners only.

Note 2: Foreigners granted a residence permit (to settle in Poland) or an EU longterm residence permit, those granted temporary or complementary protection in the territory of the Republic of Poland or with a refugee status granted by the Republic of Poland, despite being non-UE/EFTA citizens, study on terms applicable to Polish nationals (no tuition fees for full-time studies).

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The program of doctoral studies is aimed at developing the skills of doctoral students in the broad field of biotechnology. However, the courses are focused on medicinal and food biotechnology and molecular biology. Specialized lectures include topics especially from molecular and cellular biology, computational biology, protein sciences and enzymology, molecular biophysics, human genetics, bioorganic chemistry, food biotechnology, and medicinal chemistry. Additional lectures include topics presented by visiting professors. The programme also includes different activities and workshops dedicated to acquire soft skills.

Career opportunities

The graduates have the knowledge and skills in the fields of medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical and food biotechnology and molecular biology

The graduates are qualified to work as PhD scientists in academia and biotechnological industry including food industry. They are prepared to work as independent scientists but also as laboratory group leaders. They can also work as a person responsible for highly sophisticated processes run in biotech industry. They can be employed in small biotechnological companies (so called start ups) but also can work in big companies in R&D units.

Apply now! Academic year 2017/18
This is a rolling intake - applications are accepted all year round.
Studies commence
Jan 1, 2018

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States